10 Tips For Home Protection!

10 Tips For Home Protection!
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If you want to keep your home safe, then protecting your home from burglary is a top priority!

Fortunately, you do not need to spend huge sums on money – good protection against burglars can be simple and affordable. Even small improvements in your home can protect you from becoming a victim of a burglary. 

These 10 tips will give you some ideas on what you can do.

1. Alarm systems. Probably the biggest deterrent for a burglar is an alarm system. If this system is clearly visible, you can be sure that the burglar will look for a more accessible property.

When it comes to alarm systems, there are outer and interior devices. The outer devices include sensors on windows, doors and other glass surfaces. The interior devices include motion detectors. A combination of these two options is highly recommended to prevent burglars.

If you do not have an intimidating dog, you can buy an electronic watchdog. It barks as soon as the built-in sensors detect movement.

2. Video surveillance. It is very useful to equip your home with video surveillance. In case an intruder succeeded in breaking into your home, the video material can help identify and convict the culprit.

3. Smart technology. With the installation of an app on your mobile phone, you have 24/7 access to the video footage of your home. With this feature, you can turn on and off your lights when you are on vacation, so that thief get the impression that someone is at home.

4. TV simulator. If you do not use mobile apps, you can also get a TV simulator. It simulates a switched-on television with the simulated TV light – and lets potential burglars assume that people are at home. These devices are usually switched on at dusk, but they can also be used at specific times.

5. Protect windows. Make sure that your windows are covered. Use your curtains or other visual protection methods. Intruders should not be able to determine from the outside whether you have an alarm system inside.

In this sense, timers are awesome! With these you can not only control the outside light, but also automatically shut down the blinds at certain times. This way your valuables are not visible from the outside. In general, TVs and other expensive equipment should not be visible to the outside world. 

6. Close the windows properly. Even if you’re at home, that does not stop burglars from getting in through a window. Even on hot summer nights, it is recommended to keep the windows open only if you can see them. Do not ventilate all rooms at once, while you can see only one room. Also make sure that your windows are not tilted – especially when you leave the house! A tilted window is as good as an open one.

7. Motion detectors. A simple but very effective method are motion detectors. As soon as a person approaches your home, automatic sensors react to turn on the light. This way you always know what is going on on your property. Make sure that your motion detectors are not too slow – burglars can take advantage of this. Front door, terrace and balcony are typical areas where you can put motion detectors.

8. Secure doors. Rely on high-quality locks and lock cylinders. It is highly recommended that you reinforce key parts of your entry door: frame, hinges and lock area. You can do that using this kit for door reinforcement

9: Beware on social media. Sharing beautiful holiday photos on social media can tell anyone that you are not at home. So postpone sharing your photos after you’re back home. You should also switch off the tracking function of your camera. It can lead directly to your location. So, a nice Instagram update can be a real threat to your home while you’re on the go.

10. Neighborhood cooperation. This is a really important point, because good neighbors are worth gold when it comes to keeping one another safe. Become friend with your neighbors. They will be happy to look out for your home and notify you if something is out of the ordinary.