Socialite and Instagram influencer Cosmin Cernica receives commission to design for Middle Eastern royalty

Socialite and Instagram influencer Cosmin Cernica receives commission to design for Middle Eastern royalty
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UK based entrepreneur, socialite and social media influencer stuns the men’s fashion accessory world after securing a prestigious private commission from a prominent Middle Eastern based royalty.

Having amassed over eighty-two thousand followers on Instagram, Cosmin, 26,is a significant voice in the UK luxury lifestyle community and earlier this year he decided to turn his talents to designing, producing and retailing a range of hand- made precious cufflinks in partnership with the Romanian brand, Wagner Arte.

Boasting over 82K followers on his Instagram and posting a snap of his emerald inlaid cufflinks caught the attention of a visiting Middle Eastern royalty this summer.

 ‘ I was so surprised to receive an email from the private office of an important Middle Eastern family, that was asking if I would consider creating a bespoke set of cufflinks  to celebrate a forthcoming marriage’  Cosmin reveals.

Cosmin will be heading over to the Middle East this November to discuss the design and to help source the precious stones the client has requested. Of course, the porcelain will still remain the signature element and it will be used to great effect.

At the moment we can only guess whether this commission is intended to beat the world record for the most expensive pair of cufflinks, currently valued at $4.2 m as Cosmin is bound by an NDA.

Talking about his ENVOL cufflink collection Cosmin says ‘I created this collection to capture the true nature of two cultures I loveThe modern, urban-chic of London, and a more oriental, masculine elegance. All the pieces have been made by a Romanian porcelain house with a rich history, bringing an authentic feel to the collection.” 

ENVOL includes three different lines: the first one, Golden Dawn, which takes its inspiration from the natural world and the image of birds soaring high in the sky, the second one, Cobalt Twilight, a selection which is emblazoned with inspirational words such as ‘free’, ‘light’, ‘air’ and ‘pure’, each handwritten in gold as a way of connecting the wearer with their inner selves. The Midnight at Versailles line meanwhile include a gilded falcon with an emerald eye, designed to provide a regal aesthetic which perfectly represents the ultimate triumph. 

The launch event took place in Bucharest and was attended by high profile celebrities, dignitaries and royal faces.

Talking about his future plans, Cosmin reveals that he is working on a Christmas collection ‘ Christmas is my favorite holiday and I am super excited to launch a capsule collection of porcelain baubles painted with pure gold. They will make a great gift or could become the Christmas tree centerpiece’.

Cosmin currently lives in London and has been fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity to travel all over the world in search of the finer things in life, after residing in Dubai for almost 3 years.

 His Instagram feed (@cosmincernica) is an inspirational collage of fashion, travel and lifestyle cues – a daily well of inspiration for over 82k followers. He works closely with premium brands in order to create content which looks straight out of a magazine.