Rapper ‘C.KHiD’ Releases Gambling Anthem of 2019

Rapper ‘C.KHiD’ Releases Gambling Anthem of 2019
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Everyone needs a theme song,  whether you’re playing the slots, a round of blackjack, or rolling dice. Every superstar gambler has his luck-be-a-lady jam. Though it’s been some time South Carolina rapper C.KHiD has been public, he has just released a track that has the perfect vibe for casinos, and any wannabe gambler. The new rap song , titled “Las Vegas,” was added to Spotify in 2019 with no promotion.

This new hip hop song by C.KHiD is titled for the city that inspired it. It’s unclear when exactly the single was recorded, but its hook can be heard in some of his YouTube vlogs from 2017, implying he’s been working on the track for some time. The roughly four minute track was featured in the intro to several of the episodes to his vlog series, “LivingLifeEasy.” Over one hundred episodes were on YouTube, until they were abruptly removed last year.

The track was engineered by Carlos Paez, or “Dres’more,” according to the song’s credits, with production done by Atlantic Records producer, Dopant Beats.

The track opens with a comedian introducing the rapper, sports-announcer style. He reminds everyone to hide the ladies with C.KHiD around. The untraditional opening ends with “Ha ha ladies and gentlemen, hide your wives, hide your kids, hide your daughter, hide your cousins, hide your nieces, hide that b-tch crossing the street… Because he will get them.”

Once the announcer finishes,  C.KHiD begins with a Rick Flair woo, and the first track starts. 

“I’m poppin’ tags out in Las Vegas, taking selfies that make boyfriends haters / I’m poppin’ tags out in Las Vegas / Buy what I want like I think I’m Mayweather.”

It would seem that C.KHiD is a gambling fan, having done plenty of damage at Vegas tables, and the casinos themselves seem to appreciate his business. His 2012 music video “Do The Hustle” features the rapper at multiple sites on Las Vegas Boulevard, including the Wynn hotel. Being well-acquainted with the gambling scene, the rapper has now written his ode to Vegas, a town famous for its dens and haunts. 

If you too want to explore a center of Western American culture, this song provides the perfect anthem with the perfect energy for adventurers visiting Las Vegas. The feelings in the music are a true representation of what one should feel when exiting a casino in triumph – joy, excitement, passion. Spending the cash you’ve just won after taking a huge financial risk is a high that no drug can replicate. In fact, this single can and should be played in any casino, or even when one is just gambling online at home. No matter the environment, this track can hype up your experience. 

With the project appearing out of nowhere, could that imply that there is a music video being rolled out this year as well?  His inactive social media profiles make this idea somewhat questionable. His stories on Instagram, however, have been beginning to bubble with activity, so perhaps there is something big in the works. A full album release? An EP? A new vlog series? Who can tell. All we know for sure is that a previously dormant talent has reemerged. Whatever else is released is something that definitely wasn’t expected. 

If you’re curious, you can go and download or stream C.KHiD’s single “Las Vegas” on fiTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Shazam, and many other music services today. After a long time in the studio, the song is finally available for listening.