Uneekint Going International

Uneekint Going International
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Uneekint is planning to go international at some point in 2020. Check us out for more info on where he’ll be, what he’s doing, and get your hip-hop fix in!

Uneekint is going international with an up and coming tour through the African continent. After achieving success with his debut album, and gaining in popularity across the USA, Uneekint is planning a jump across the pond, scheduled to transpire at some point in 2020 (dates & locations to be released soon).

The Music of Uneekint

If you’ve not had the pleasure of listening to Uneekint’s music, you can do so by checking out the samples he’s got listed on his website: Uneekint.com. There are samples available on the home page, as well as under the “Music” tab on the site.

To describe what type of sound this Hip-Hop artist has meshed together can be described as the following:

A smooth sound that gives you the ‘city driving on a wet lonely night’ kind of vibe, coupled with beats and harmonies that grab your attention and get you moving; stitched together with grit that bleeds through from the tough and trying life that Uneekint brings to the table.

Something else that you’ll find in his body of work, are collaborations with other popular artists such as Ewise, Iakopo, PrinceofPain, Twyie, and Dante, to name a few.

The Future of Uneekint

Having the distinct privilege of a five-year winning streak with the West Coast Hip Hop Awards, albums out, and tours being planned, Uneekint is enjoying success through a variety of venues as far as his music goes, and has also begun a production company called “New Live Productions,” which is also gaining traction.

Visit: uneekint.com