3 Homemade Recipes For Tightening Your Facial Skin!

3 Homemade Recipes For Tightening Your Facial Skin!
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Your lifestyle, genetics, and diet are the elements that have the biggest affect on the firmness and health of your facial skin.

Nevertheless, it is still possible to prevent the loss of elasticity of your skin through some good habits. 

These three homemade recipes will also help to tighten your face.

Time is without a doubt the first factor in why your face becomes flabby, causing your skin to lose its firmness and elasticity. Remember, however, that skin is an organ that needs to be properly nourished to prevent the effects of aging.

Nutrient deficiencies caused by an unbalanced diet, such as a lack of protein or vitamins, can lead to the loss of elasticity of the skin.

A drop in the level of elastin and collagen, two proteins essential for the firmness of the skin, can lead to a loss of facial tone.

Sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise can also cause a lack of oxygen your skin cells receive, which slows down the regeneration of the skin.

The too much sun is very bad for your skin. Its UV rays cause premature aging as well as dehydration and loss of collagen.

Your emotions and your state of stress can affect the health of your skin. Anxiety and stress contract muscles and shrink the blood vessels of the face, which decreases the absorption of nutrients.

3 Homemade Recipes to Firm Up Your Face

These recipes will give you even better results when you combine them with this skin tightening machine for home use.

1. Carrot and Orange Mask

This mask is very easy to make and it’s very effective. Why? The answer lies in the nutrients of these two foods. Carrots and oranges are very rich in antioxidants, beta-carotene, vitamins and minerals. They provide the necessary nutrients for a firm skin.

This mask should be applied three times a week, preferably in the morning.


  • 1 carrot
  • Juice of 1 orange
  • A tablespoon of honey


Cut the carrot into pieces. Then put it in a blender, add the juice of the orange, and mix until a homogeneous mixture. Finally, add the honey. Put the mixture in a cup, then use a cotton pad to apply the mask to the areas that are most prone to sagging skin, such as the neck, cheeks, and chin. Leave on for 20 minutes and then rinse with cold water.

2. Tomato and Lemon Mask

The skin of your face is different from that of the rest of your body. It is more sensitive, more fragile, finer and therefore less protected against the various effects.

To better protect it, you must have a healthy lifestyle, including sport activities. You can also feed it from the outside with this mask. Tomato juice and lemon are two good sources of antioxidants and vitamins that will bring firmness.


  • Two ripe tomatoes
  • A teaspoon of lemon juice
  • Two teaspoons of sugar


Peel two tomatoes and mix them in the blender with the lemon juice. Once the mixture is homogeneous, add the two spoons of sugar to make a paste.

Apply the mixture with a cotton pad and leave it for 15 minutes. Be careful not to leave the mask for more than 20 minutes as lemon juice may irritate your skin.

Finally, rinse with water. Use this mask in the evening, twice a week.

3. Apple and Melon Mask

Melon is known to be able to tone the skin. Add an apple and oatmeal and you’ll get a miracle mask that will hydrate and firm your skin.


  • 3 pieces of melon
  • Half an apple
  • 2 tablespoons of oatmeal


Cut 3 pieces of melon and peel half of the apple. Then blend them until a homogeneous mixture is made. Add the oatmeal and mix to get a paste. Apply this paste to clean, dry skin, then leave for 20 minutes. Rinse with water. 

You can make this mask up to 3 times a week, preferably in the morning.