Lexnour Beats and Dax: A Dynamic Duo

Lexnour Beats and Dax: A Dynamic Duo
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Batman and Robin. Bonnie and Clyde. Doctor Dre and Eminem. Call it a bit premature, but Dax and Lexnour Beats is one of those pairings that just makes so much sense that it just might be the next dynamic duo to take over the entire music industry. With Lexnour Beats being an extremely talented upcoming producer and Dax being of the most talented lyricists in hip-hop to come up in recent years, the potential for the two is endless.

Canada is not the first place that comes to mind when people think of hip-hop, a style of music birthed in the United States which to this day is defined by the patterns of American urbanism. The great East versus West Coast debate that defined the 1990s still influencers the music coming out of each coast. But, with the advent of social media, Ontario, where both Dax and Lexnour hail from, is quickly becoming another hub. The international success of artists like Drake and Tory Lanez has pushed their region o to the forefront of the modern hip-hop scene. With Dax one of the most promising names up next on the circuit, Lexnour Beats, who has played a key role in shaping the Canadian MC’s sound, stand to gain the most in the upcoming year.

It was not that long ago that all of this would seem like a pipe dream to Lexnour Beats, who was working a normal office job as a financial analyst for the National Defence in the Government of Canada after graduating from the University of Ottawa. But in whatever free time he could squeeze in, Lexnour would work on his production, saving up his money from his regular job until he could feasibly be a producer full time.

A breakthrough moment for the Ottawa based producer was in November of 2018 when he and Dax collaborated on “She Cheated Again.” The song, which has since garnered over 50 million streams, remains the biggest hit for both of them and helped propel Dax from YouTube to mainstream hip-hop. While no one doubted Dax’s lyrical talent previously, Lexnour’s ability to interject what Genius calls a “versatile” style that mixes “smooth beats with catchy melodies” has elevated Dax’s work to the next level with hit songs of his own.

2019 was a huge year for Dax, with over 68 million streams on Spotify alone and back-to-back tours in Canada and the United States, respectively. Lexnour Beats played a huge role in that success, with their collaborations like “My Last Words” and “I Been That” featuring Indian hip-hop legend Emiway Bantai both reaching over 10 million streams and recognition from Industry press outlets. They have released several series of works together, like the KIllshot songs and the Wack Ass Rappers songs, with Lexnour producing Dax’s most recent release, “Self-Proclaimed 3.”

The future remains extremely bright for Lexnour Beats, who is quickly becoming a YouTube sensation in his own right. His own brand of tutorials on how to produce music has become immensely popular, with one of his videos even topping a million views on its own. But, as a result of his work with Dax, he has quickly become sought after by some of the biggest YouTube influencers, including Brent Rivera, BigNik, Brennan, Chad Tepper, etc. With so much music in the works, Lexnour figures to have a huge 2020.