Who is James Warwick?

Who is James Warwick?
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James Warwick is the founder of Illuminati Vodka, Social Media personality & a Forex trader. He is popular on social media, having accumulated over 15,000 followers on Instagram page @James_Warwick. Here we list some facts about him:

  • He was born in Bristol
  • His date of birth is October 4th 1990
  • He is 29 years old
  • He studied Business Studies at Westminster University
  • He went to high school at King Edward VI School, Southampton
  • His eyes are blue
  • He is 6’2”
  • His Instagram page is @James_Warwick
  • He regularly donates money to various charitable causes
  • He is a morning person and wakes up every day at 7am
  • His favourite workout is CrossFit
  • He is the owner of the controversial vodka brand Illuminati Vodka which he founded in 2016
  • He is a Forex Trader
  • He lives in London, UK.