Reza Irani-Kermani Co-Founder of Black Pearl Capital Biography Details

Reza Irani-Kermani Co-Founder of Black Pearl Capital Biography Details
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Co-founder of Black Pearl Capital, Reza Irani-Kermani founded this investment firm in 2007 with Abbas Jafarian. He was initially on the board of Sogeres SA and Albert Abela Corporation as one of the youngest to achieve those positions as an executive.

Reza Irani headed international financial services in association with Po Sang Bank, an affiliate of Bank of China, in 1994. Reza previously managed the operations of MKS Finance UK as well as Management Investment & Trade. Reza Irani has completed his education from the University of Birmingham and earned a bachelor’s in Production Engineering. 

Born in Tehran, Reza Irani completed his school education in 1980 at LyceeRazi. For high school education, he attended ComplexeScolaire de Valbonne and he got International Baccalaureate in Valbonne, France. He moved to Birmingham, the UK where he studied at the University of Birmingham to complete his graduation in Production Engineering and Commerce.

He joined London-based Management Investment & Trade Ltd to start his career as a clerk in the year 1989 after completing his Engineering. MIT was MKS Finance SA’s affiliate, which is based in Geneva, a 24×7 foreign exchange and bullion trading house. In 1990, Reza became a trader and was promoted in 1991 as General Manager. MIT became a leading trading organization in the world under his management in foreign exchange and had over $11 billion of daily turnover.

The vision of MIT was the future in China by the year 1993. MIT was established well in Asia owing to its bullion business. Later on, Po Sang Bank acquired the shares of MKS, which was a sister concern of Bank of China. Reza was supervising the London office. He soon found that MIT was not growing steadily with the red tape in the Chinese hierarchy. In 1994, Po Sang Bank had a great profit by selling their shares to the London office of Preussag AG, Amalgamated Metals Corporation (AMC).

Reza Irani was handling foreign exchange and bullion trading until 1997. He had to stay there for a minimum of 3 years due to a clause in AMC. Reza Irani joined Abela Corporation in 1997 as a board member of Sogeres SA and other companies.

Along with offices located in 44 different nations, Abela Corporation employed 40,000 staff along with a focus on life support, catering, Gold mines in Africa, supermarket chains in the Middle East, hotels in London Cannes, Nice, and Monaco, and Salmon farms in Scotland. Mr. Albela was the owner of the company who passed away when Reza Irani was staying with the company.

With Abbas Jafarian, his long-time friend, Reza Irani became the co-founder of Symphony Partners in the year 2000. Symphony was engaged in a real estate firm for MENA Fund along with its trading portfolios. It had activities like organizing finances, sourcing, and property management of assets.

Abbas Jafarian and Reza Irani-Kermani founded Black Pearl Capital after the success of Symphony in 2007. Apart from private equity investments, they sourced their deals in real estate in Western and Eastern Europe.