The Next Big Thing In Bangladesh Home Academy BD

The Next Big Thing In Bangladesh Home Academy BD
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Home Academy Bd is a skill sharing platform. There are a lot of talented people in our country. Countless artists and they don’t have a stage to perform. 

This website is completely free. People will share their talent on this. And the people who are really good at their skill, they teach others at a very low price. 

There is no such platform in our country and we want to help the youth. We want to encourage our artists. And people can master a new skill by staying at their home by using this platform.

And there are a lot of people who comes from a underprivileged family. For those who really want to learn but they don’t have the money, we will give them free courses. 

We are doing this for the betterment of our country and our generation.

And people can also earn using this platform. The teachers who will teach will give courses at a very low price. And a portion from this earning will be donated to a charity. 

Three things that there focusing on are:-

1. Helping our generation to be independent and earn money using their skill.

2. Encouraging the talented artist of our country.

3. Giving them a platform to perform.

And people can learn most of the things on this platform. They can master the art of cooking, singing, painting, instruments playing etc.

There is also a fitness section.

Where there will be for programs Weight loss, muscle gaining and etc

People can stay fit and healthy by using this platform.

There also a business site

Where we will teach them about drop shipping, affiliate marketing, forex etc.

Lastly the CEO said:

“We share together, we grow together”

Our main focus is helping others and encouraging the youth to do something meaningful and to help our country.

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Name: Taha