Artist Dr. Suzi Morris reveals ‘viral sublime’ and calls for public action on COVID-19

Artist Dr. Suzi Morris reveals ‘viral sublime’ and calls for public action on COVID-19
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Artist Dr. Suzi Morris has released a video with the support of Fact Not Fiction Films, asking people to donate to the Imperial College’s COVID-19 Research Fund. In her new video she also highlights her artistic vision and journey having been impacted by a viral infection which has had long-term effects on her health.

Having followed the pandemic and through her recent affiliation with Imperial College London, the artist has seen first-hand how treatments and vaccines are researched. It is this journey that has led her to develop the concept of ‘The Viral Sublime’ which she explains in her video message.

From her perspective, ‘The Viral Sublime’ draws upon “a combination of history, theoretical concerns and multiple collaborations”.

The artist also goes further to highlight the work of Imperial College London, and delves into detail on her artistic vision. She is also pledging to donate 50% of sales from her latest artworks towards the Research Fund in the hope that other artists and the public can make similar pledges and donate whatever they can.

CEO of Fact Not Fiction Films Tristan Loraine said: “It’s a very important initiative” and urged the public to support the work of the Imperial College as they seek a vaccine as quickly as possible to combat coronavirus.

Dr. Suzi Morris

“The Imperial College are playing a leading role in this global effort, so I am asking people to please make a donation, no matter how small.” – Dr Suzi Morris

Learn more about Suzi Morris and discover her latest paintings for sale on Instagram. 50% of proceeds will be donated to the Imperial College COVID-19 Research Fund.