Youssef Chreiba .. a young man who shone in the fashion world

Youssef Chreiba .. a young man who shone in the fashion world
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Unusually, and in a unique phenomenon, the world of fashion is no longer the exclusive domain of women only. He stuck to his distinguished dream until the goal of his achievement and took his place well with the most famous Moroccan and Arab models, as he praised his performance the most famous international designers led by Hisham Bin Suleiman, who is of Moroccan origin, and also brilliantly attracted attention in social networking sites, especially “Instagram”, which he became following Hundreds of thousands of fans, as he became dealing with the finest international brands, he is a professional online marketer and blogger in the field of fashion and fashion.

Youssef Chreiba’s career:

Youssef Chreiba comes from the city of Muhammadiyah, where he lived all his childhood there. She obtained a baccalaureate degree and practiced economics at the university. After graduation, he worked in the field of trading and consulting in the currency market, but the distinguished thing is that the field of fashion in which he shine is far from His university specialization, and this confirms the passion of the star Youssef Chreiba for fashion since his early nails. Youssef not only deals with fashion as a business, but also sees in it a great tendency and his own world in which he finds his comfort and happiness, and perhaps this great passion is what made him stand out as one of the most famous exhibitors. Fashion in Morocco.

His distinguished experience in launching the Moroccan filter:

The star Youssef Chreiba launched a filter that hijacked all the lights on Instagram, this filter is a muzzle that carries the colors of the Moroccan flag and it is a very beautiful idea, which was favored by the pioneers of the social media, as this filter was installed by more than 200 million people from all over the world due to what this initiative holds A noble idea encourages people to wear a muzzle and respect the rules for preventing corona virus, especially after mitigating quarantine measures in Morocco. Many Moroccan and Arab newspapers have written about this initiative, which they considered one of the latest cries promoted by Instagram star Youssef Chreiba. Where they held many press interviews with him in order to talk about the details of the initiative and monitor the echoes it had made in Morocco and outside Morocco in particular, and it is considered the first of its kind and one of the outstanding works that the blogger “Youssef Chreiba” is proud of.

Tribute to the most famous designers of the blog “Youssef Chreiba”:

One of the things that made the blogger Youssef chreiba quickly jump into the world of fame is the praise of the most famous designers and international fashion models for his works and looks. Many professional fashion designers stated that Youssef chreiba considered him a talented model and a star project that reaches the world, and the famous Moroccan designer collaborated with him. Issam Wasma in some of the works where he admired Youssef a lot and praised the professionalism of his performance, in addition to his dealings with the international designer Hisham Bin Sulaiman, who designed the fashionable Arab and international stars.

Yousef chreiba dealt not only with the top designers, but also exceeded that to be a display of the most prestigious international brands, such as “Pecilio” and “Willie Thomas”, and many brands of men’s clothing and luxury watches.

The prospects and aspirations of “Youssef chreiba”:

Youssef Chreiba always strives to develop himself and take new adventures that ascends him in the ladder of success and supremacy, as he is currently working on launching his own brand, and at the same time he aspires to broadcast his reputation abroad to reach the world, as he was told by senior designers that he has all the professional qualifications to reach Fame fame and impressive successes that he works hard to achieve and the honor of his country, Morocco, in various international forums.

Instagram : youssef.chreiba