How launch a new brand business – with Luca Valori

How launch a new brand business – with Luca Valori
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How important is mindset when starting your own business?

Mindset is extremely important. In my opinion, it represents 50% of the success of the

business. Without the right mindset, you can never reach the pinnacle of success. Isolation

is also a fundamental part of an entrepreneur’s success: detaching yourself completely

from those who are not as ambitious as you and from all the things that distract you from

business is essential to obtain great results.

What keeps you running when times get tough?

Having the right mindset allows me to face any difficulty and therefore, when moments get

tough, thanks to it I am able to find the strength to go on and not feel discouraged. Being

able to get up after a difficult period or a failure is fundamental, and in order to do so you

need the right mindset.

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