Dep Hart Starts Helping the Youth

Dep Hart Starts Helping the Youth
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Dep Hart started today by helping the youth to start their own online business. Dep Hart himself has been active in online entrepreneurship for years and has already converted millions of euros with his company.

“Now that I know how to do it and what the mistakes are, I want to help the youth to achieve success as well”. Thus, Dep Hart. He didn’t finish any education either and quit school when he was 17. “I don’t think you necessarily need an education in the time we live in now. There are so many opportunities, you just have to see them.”

Dep Hart is going to coach several young people online for a month. This is not something Dep Hart has never done before, he also speaks regularly at schools, events and has his own podcast which he calls “Dep Cast”.

“It’s great to see that my podcast reaches and inspires so many people. I don’t earn anything from it myself, but the reactions I get give me so much satisfaction”.

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