Real Estate Expert Simon Leviev: From Starting at the Age of 13 to Becoming a Self-Made Millionaire

Real Estate Expert Simon Leviev: From Starting at the Age of 13 to Becoming a Self-Made Millionaire
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Simon Leviev, a competent financial genius, has bagged a lucrative offer from the entertainment genius Netflix. Netflix plans to release a documentary series on his life and career as a real estate giant. His story has caught the limelight after he was unjustly dragged into a media fiasco. Two ladies accused him over some money laundering. This incident got him arrested, and the story feature was blown out of proportion.

Leviev was all of 13 when he realized he wanted nothing to do with religious practices. Leaving his father and siblings, he moved to New York to try his own luck. He knew he was good at identifying opportunities. All he needed to learn was monetizing them. He served in the Israel Defence Forces for some time in his youth. He soon dropped out and started his own business venture. He used to procure old and used cars from Germany and sell the spare parts in Ukraine. This got him good money to start with.

His next jump was into the Bitcoin Industry. He learned the techniques quickly and ruled. He made fast money but craved for something bigger. And then started the Golden Era of his career – he plunged into real estate. He saw potential in abandoned houses often left by people due to natural calamities. He bought such houses at throwaway rates, renovated them, and sold them at attractive prices. The economic crisis that hit Greece and Russia served as a massive chance for Leviev.

Leviev bought houses from people at low prices and helped them with money. Post-crisis, when the economy bounced back, he sold those houses at a considerable profit. This scaled his monetary value, and he was soon considered a real estate Giant. He now assists people with securing their economic future. He guides them, helps them buy properties, and still earns a considerable profit.

Leviev is a self- made millionaire at 29. And on asked about his plans, Leviev says, “I realized that I wanted to settle in Israel. All those years in the United States and Europe were enough for me.” He wants to go back now and invest in Israeli properties. He wants to contribute to the economy of his country.