Juan C Reynoso, an eminent role model to all the budding entrepreneurs who inspires young minds to never stop

Juan C Reynoso, an eminent role model to all the budding entrepreneurs who inspires young minds to never stop
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The world provides you with many opportunities but it’s in your hands whether you want to grab and make it a success or just pass on it because you don’t think you have what it takes.

Mr Reynoso has never thought about the latter. He has always been inclined towards creativity, technology and branching out to tap into new aspects. Juan C Reynoso at the position of general manager in one of the prominent companies that deals with digitised trading and monetary transactions with crypto currency and bit coins, Omega Pro. He is even a prosperous lecturer, an inspiring speaker and a certified coach that teaches the ways of business to thriving entrepreneurs. With this rapid surge of automation, the structure and nature of banking and financial services have gone through a sea change. Every institute and company is implementing digital financial products and revolutionizing the whole traditional banking process. Digitisation increases productivity, efficiency and accessibility thereby impacting the work dramatically and making it more conducive.

The one thing that is most commendable about Mr Reynoso is that he had the courage to start from scratch with a new company in the market but with the right vision, even though he had corporate jobs lined up with nice offers but with traditional products. Once he realised that he had absorbed and taken everything from that job, there was nothing that could stop him then. The burning passion and fire to create something new of his own, made him brave enough to start with the rite partners at Omegapro. Mr Reynoso is a brilliant entrepreneur that analysed and understood the needs of the market and strategized his plan accordingly. The experience of 24 years in a tech company and the devotion for marketing made him an oracle in sales and this led him to the journey of success. Mr Reynoso didn’t just stop at that. He now gives opportunities and aims at turning booming entrepreneurs into millionaires which sounds absolutely crazy but not for Juan.

This enthusiasm and brilliancy that Mr Reynoso possesses should be an encouragement to all the young flourishing minds out there to have courage and the determination to work and build an empire.

You can follow him on Instagram @juanreynosofficial