Raising the slogan of cybersecurity and freeing the nation from electronic breaches is a leader in the world of information security, Saud Bin Ahmed

Raising the slogan of cybersecurity and freeing the nation from electronic breaches is a leader in the world of information security, Saud Bin Ahmed
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Ahmed has earned a degree in Business Administration in Information Technology and is a skilled, ethical hacker, certified from the US.

All the nations out there put a lot of effort in creating a powerful force that can protect their homeland in trying times at the border; but is it also extremely crucial to put more light on creating a force that could fight the many threats and dangers in the web space as well. Cybercrime is a crime that cannot be ignored as it has the potential to even break a nation in ways more than one, through unethical, illegal practices and infusion of malware and viruses into the information systems of nations. This is where passionate and highly skilled professionals and experts are needed who can act like a collective force to protect countries and confidential data through online threats and cybercrime. Saud Bin Ahmed is a resident of the UAE who with nearly two decades of experience in the information security field has been acting like an army force of the cyber world who works with only one aim and that is to protect his nation from electronic breaches, threats, etc.

Born and brought up in the UAE, it was obvious for Ahmed to fall in love with the world of technology at a very young age. This perhaps upped his confidence at the age of 13 to work on certain electronic software and carry out research and experiments for the same. While he was still a youngster, Ahmed proved his prowess and passion for the technical world when he could successfully detect gaps in over 4000 computers in his nation. So many of the families were saved through Ahmed’s efforts from exposure to extortions and hackers from outside the nation.

A ransom virus that was hidden behind the Ministry of Interior’s emblem of the UAE was also dismantled by Ahmed, and he became the first-ever person to do that in UAE. The talented, ethical hacker never stopped working and kept looking out for ways he could reach more people with correct information and spread awareness about cybercrimes and security to help them become more conscious of such activities. His work in cybersecurity has also helped Ahmed guard inter-connected systems like hardware, software and even data from electronic threats and breaches. He is a skilled professional who with his expertise can identify cyber threats and potential data breaches in a network.

His professional career gained more prominence when he got the opportunity to work with the President of the Arab Parliament, His Excellency Ahmed bin Muhammad Al-Jarwan and also managed his technical matters in 2011. In the year 2018, engineer Saud Bin Ahmed even initiated a firm for securing electronic systems and accounts.

Since years, this skilled, ethical hacker and leader in the information security field of the UAE has been raising the slogan of cybersecurity and working relentlessly for freeing the nation from electronic breaches, for which he has earned many international certificates and recognitions as well.