Kenes Rakishev and his investment in StoreDot revolutionary batteries

Kenes Rakishev and his investment in StoreDot revolutionary batteries
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StoreDot is an innovative startup working to provide fast charging for a range of devices, from mobile phones to heavy trucks and passenger cars. The project was supported by investors from Singulariteam, including Kenes Rakishev. It was named the “the pioneer of 2020 ” by BloombergNEF.

BloombergNEF has named StoreDot the “pioneer of 2020” – one of ten game-changing technology companies creating a more sustainable future. It is exactly the type of venues Kenes Rakishev prefers to invest in. Companies were selected by an independent panel of judges based on their potential to scale, the level of technological innovation or business model, the novelty they bring to the market, and the momentum demonstrated by commercial development.

Kenes Rakishev choice explained

StoreDot, based in Israel, is the first ever ultra-fast battery charging technology company to be selected as a pioneer by BloombergNEF. CEO Dr. Doron Mayersdorf led an incredible team of 100 scientists to create an electric vehicle’s lithium–ion battery that can be charged in just 5 minutes, the same amount of time it takes to refuel an odinary car. Currently, charging an EVs can take anywhere from 4 to 12 hours. A serious group of investors approached the team after an initial test showed that the concept worked. One of the first was Singulariteam – a Swiss-Israeli fund known for its investments in innovative technologies. Singulariteam was founded by Kenes Rakishev, an entrepreneur from Kazakhstan, and his partners.