“No Job Too Small on the Road to Success,” says Digital Marketing Expert Nafez Husseini

“No Job Too Small on the Road to Success,” says Digital Marketing Expert Nafez Husseini
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We live in an era where everywhere you look, yet another hustler or snake oil salesman is promising instant success. Here’s the news, success isn’t instant, it doesn’t happen overnight, and you can’t bottle and brand as a lifestyle accessory. Success has to be earned, and earned the hard way, just ask Nafez Husseini.

“Everybody is hungry for success but not everyone has the stomach for the grueling hard work it involves,” explained the digital marketing expert from Jordan, who added, “No job is too small on the road to success, and there’s no substitute for putting in the hard yards and the long hours to achieve your goal.”

The 22-year-old knows all about burning the candle at both ends to get where he needed to be. When studying for a marketing degree from the University of Alabama, he founded social media marketing company MediaHusky. Upon graduation, Nafez needed money and so he accepted a menial job that was extremely labor-intensive. It involved long and unsociable hours, but every day after he clocked off, he would power up his laptop and focus on building his media company, whilst  dreaming of the day he could escape the shackles of the 9-5.

Nafez was eventually headhunted by big-name brands such as Apple and PepsiCo. Realizing that working for someone else, no matter how prestigious, wasn’t for him, he eventually used all his expertise to launch Authority Media LLC.

It was a good call. Using his reputation as a social media influencer, Nafex was in a position to network and make deals happen. His partnerships have since strengthened his brand ten-fold and he now specializes in marketing, advertising, consulting, and helping individuals and companies scale their brands and drive their revenue through social media.

Nafez explained, “Everyone wants a good life but not many people are willing to work no-stop and dedicate themselves completely to their goals. I was willing to do jobs I hated because it gave me time to read, study, and create my business. True success is the holy grail at the end of every entrepreneur’s journey, but getting there is not as glamorous as a lot of people would have you believe. My philosophy is, if you take care of the small things, then big things will happen.”