Apple releases limited edition AirPods Pro to celebrate Chinese New Year

Apple releases limited edition AirPods Pro to celebrate Chinese New Year
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To praise the Chinese New Year, Apple has presented a restricted release pair of AirPods Pro accessible in numerous Asian nations including, terrain China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Malaysia.

This coming new year is the time of the Ox and Apple has made a charming new emoticon character to celebrate. On these nations’ landing pages, Apple has likewise added another custom logo to honor the event.

These limited edition AirPods Pro are accessible at a similar cost as some other pair of AirPods Pro. For instance, in terrain China they are RMB 1,999 and in Hong Kong HK 1,999.

The exceptional emoticon applied to the AirPods Pro case portrays the exemplary dairy animals emoticon with a more modest cow emoticon jumping off of its mind with stars drifting around it. The crate for these AirPods Pro even remembers a similar unique emoji for red.

Beside the extraordinary box and the unique emoji imprinted looking into it, these AirPods Pro are practically indistinguishable from existing ones. By the by, these make certain to be extremely well known. All things considered, any restricted release Apple item generally is.

In the event that you are in any of these nations, you can get a couple of these limited edition AirPods Pro from an Apple retail location or request them on

Apple additionally has a 2 units for every request limit. These are delivering right away. They are likewise accessible for in-store get in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan in the event that you are anxious to get your hands on them.