Tom Moyal: The Pandemic Has Redefined Global Entrepreneurship

Tom Moyal: The Pandemic Has Redefined Global Entrepreneurship
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2020 has been an overwhelming year in every sense of the word. The pandemic has impacted everyone in some capacity, and many have had to rethink or restructure their whole lives as a result of it. Entrepreneurs are known to take more financial risks than others, and this year has been a testament to that. Here, CEO and business tycoon Tom Moyal shares his views on how this outbreak has caused a shift in what it means to be a global entrepreneur.

With a diploma in web/graphics designing, Moyal is the co-founder of Digital Event and Fame Filters. There are meetings with clients, revisions, and a ton of brainstorming before releases, and everything has shifted online now. He talks about the digital shift all business professionals have had to undergo, with all meetings and discussions turning to online mode. He explains, “Entrepreneurs are rooted in innovation. Global outreach today is about a creative expression that people support and relate to. I work with Photoshop, Illustrator, and other software to unleash my creativity.”

He agrees it has been challenging to get used to, and prioritizing personal and professional life is tricky. Everyone staying at home meant more time spent on social media, which has contributed immensely to his Instagram customized filter creator business venture and generated more than 80 million impressions. Brands need a strong connection with their audiences, and social media is a fool-proof way to do just that. Moyal agrees, “You have the power to convey your vision through your website, Facebook, and Instagram. You can answer queries, take orders, and share feedback directly. The secret is making yourself known to them, establishing a reputation, and maintaining it against the odds. Take this as an opportunity to grow and plan for the future, evaluating the pros and cons.”

He adds, “Entrepreneurship consists of risk mitigation as much as it is about innovation.” Moyal is a firm advocate for not just being well-trained and capable of handling problems but also accurately predicting and assessing them. The entrepreneur’s mindset and work ethic are paramount. Finding a way to stay positive, motivated, and juggling through the minefield like the current global pandemic is what entrepreneurship is all about.