Popular international presenter and media executive Tony Potts is disrupting the norms in the content creation and distribution space with the launch of ‘The Content Artists’.

Popular international presenter and media executive Tony Potts is disrupting the norms in the content creation and distribution space with the launch of ‘The Content Artists’.
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It’s the latest innovative launch in the global media space for Potts in his long successful Hollywood career both in front of and behind the camera. It’s a career of experience creating
A-List content for millions on the red carpet of the Oscars, Grammys, Golden Globes and Emmys while serving up memorable content at the Super Bowl, NBA Finals, World Series and World Cup.

“My TCA co-founder, Canaan Rubin, and I have more than 8,000 shows between us creating content on the world’s biggest stages, “ said the Emmy-winning Potts. “We quickly realized there are combined skills and innovative strategies we developed reaching an audience of more than a billion that we can bring to the market – especially in the digital space.”

Much has been written about the growth of the digital media world and how people and companies are resorting to growing their presence and reach with innovative content creation strategies. Making people realize the value of good content and how it has the power to drive businesses to reach the highest levels of success has never been more important than it is right now. That is what drives Potts and what is his passion.

With ‘The Content Artists’, Potts wants to bring together both brand relevance and consumer attention through exclusive digital content distribution partnerships with guaranteed, captive audiences of 25-million and more. These platforms we are targeting, Potts says, come with an insane amount of real-time, data-driven, best-in-class ROI for brands.

“It just makes sense to us for a brand to spend half as much and get a verified 2X the return on its marketing investment, “ Potts added. “We’re leading that charge and some of the world’s biggest brands are jumping onboard.”

It seems Potts has always been curious about what’s next, what’s new and, as he puts it, “how can I combine what’s now and what’s next into what will be?”

That curiosity has served Potts well in a career in front of the camera that has seen him as a popular host and producer on NBC’s hit show, “Access Hollywood” and also behind the scenes as a global media executive – creating Dot N’ Feather Ideation in 2011. The firm specialized in media consulting, global studio development and format creation.

In his long-standing successful career, Potts has worked with the most prominent A-list names in media, live events, startup tech, eSports, TV and movies, which came in handy at DNFI.

In fact, DNFI and Potts teamed up with Rubin in Amsterdam to spin out ‘Zoomin.Studios’ from an MCN.

“It was a blast to work with the great talent in Amsterdam to not only identify hidden value in the MCN,” remembers Potts. “But also for us to create 19-different shows and sizzles in a furiously creative eight-week stint – with many of those targeting Gen Z.”

In 2014, Potts co-founded ‘Sierra Maya 360’, a venture capital fund to bring together Hollywood, sports, eSports and tech. The firm was awarded 2015’s Best Entertainment, Media & Tech VC.

Potts’ media curiosity led him to the “Hollywood of Europe”, Budapest, Hungary to create and launch ‘First International Films’ with an office in Los Angeles.

“I loved working with a great Hungarian family behind the company, “ said Potts, “not to mention the fantastic people at Korda and Origo studios. Budapest is an amazing city and I absolutely fell in love with the Hungarian people.”

With all of his global experience, it is easy to see why the creation and launch of ‘The Content Artists’ was inevitable.

“My producing partner Canaan is incredible, our skillsets mesh perfectly and we knew we HAD to build and launch this company,” explained Potts.

It will be fun to sit back and watch Potts on his latest adventure and see where (in the world!) it takes him.