Abhishek Agrawal Unleashes 12 cool tips on fashion blogging and fitness

Abhishek Agrawal Unleashes 12 cool tips on fashion blogging and fitness
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Abhishek Agrawal is a young and dynamic man from Mumbai. He has his name in different fields right from fashion blogging to the fitness world and then about modeling. Abhishek Agrawal started blogging when he was in his teens, and soon droved that he has the knack of presenting things the best about fashion before his target audience. This helped him garner good response and today he has a sizeable amount of fan following for his blog and on social media.

This somewhere even made Abhishek Agrawal an Influencer. He shifted to the UK and completed his master’s program in Management from the prestigious University of Westminster. Abhishek Agrawal continued his modelling work that gave him a different exposure of working in developed nations like the UK.


Being a fashion blogger, he has some interesting tips and ideas for the youth that can help them groom the best and thus emerge as a center of attraction, how about checking a few coming from this young man :

1) Get attires that wits you and dress them well Invest on fashion accessories like watch and other things.

2) Try bright and cool colours suiting the occasion and event you plan to participate.

3) Wear the jeans until these becomes all yours to Quench your thirst for denim.

4) Take care of your appearance.

5) Invest on shoes, have options to come out differently every time you go out to catch an event.

6) Accessories can be minimum or maximum depending upon the event you are going to catch soon.

7) Know your personality so that you can get the fashion which wits you the most.

8) Get style not iust for expressing yourself but should suit the environment you visit.

9) Avoid skimming over the glasses.

10) Consider versatile dresses or outfits.

11) Going for shirts, always consider classics.

12) Never break the rule for fashion unless you know when and why.

This was all from fashion blogger Abhishek Agrawal, hope you get the best and leverage the most.

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