New Orleans Saints 21-9 win over Chicago Bears, will host Tampa Bay Buccaneers in NFC Divisional round

New Orleans Saints 21-9 win over Chicago Bears, will host Tampa Bay Buccaneers in NFC Divisional round
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The New Orleans Saints move onto the Divisional round after their 21-9 victory over the Chicago Bears.

In spite of an appalling first half, the New Orleans Saints rout the Chicago Bears 21-9 in the NFC Wild Card round. A ugly success is a success. The Saints (2) will currently progress to the Divisional round of the NFL end of the season games to have the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5).

At first, this game seemed like it very well may be a Chicago vexed; Sean Payton and the Brees-drove Saints immediately discovered their balance on offense. This was in every case New Orleans game to lose. As we learned through the Wild Card round, nothing is ensured in the end of the season games — especially in the NFC.

Heading into this end of the week, the assumed rival, should the Saints advance to the Divisional round, was the Seattle Seahawks (3). The Los Angeles Rams (6), sans Aaron Donald, and a mid-game quarterback switch, dealt with a furious. While the Buccaneers ultimately pulled away from the Washington Football Team, the 7-9 No. 4 seed — drove mostly by Taylor Heinicke, until the group’s third QB left with a physical issue — didn’t make it simple.

In light of what has been said, we ought to at last be appreciative for a success, staggers aside. Furthermore, what about ‘that safeguard.

NFC Divisional Round: New Orleans Saints versus Tampa Bay Buccaneers

There are two camps of fans — the more idealistic camp is gazing at that 38-3 score and licking their chops; the last camp, of which I fall into, doesn’t have any desire to meet Tom Brady for a third time this season. A Revenge-Tour Brady at that.

State what you need about Brady this season, however his season finisher record justifies itself. With 31 successes, he holds the NFL record for season finisher wins. That isn’t somebody I want to look over Jared Goff, or Russell Wilson at that. Also, the fanbase will probably have an aggregate coronary failure over the calls that will unavoidably go Tampa Bay’s way.

That all stated, this is actually where the Saints need to be. Dark horses. There’s substantial feeling of Déjà vu of the Week 9 account where nobody offered New Orleans and Drew Brees a chance against the Immortal Brady. Here’s their shot to demonstrate it unexpectedly on the postseason stage.