Ways To Prevent Sports Injuries

Ways To Prevent Sports Injuries
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If you’re a sports fanatic then it’s sure you don’t want to keep away your passion even for a few days, due to a sports injury. As an athlete or as the one who loves sports every day, you might want to know some ways to avoid injuries. Because nobody wants to be side-lined due to a bruise or an injury. 

Here’s the kicker:

According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS), you can reduce the risk of injuries by 25% if you take appropriate precautionary measures. So yes, it’s possible to avoid injuries and be a player, every day! 

Now even if you get an injury, don’t worry because you’ll get to know about amazing sports injury rehabilitation techniques. So keep reading. 

1.How to prevent sports injuries? 

It’s vital to follow some measures to keep yourself away from any injuries to muscles and bones. Your muscles can get severely injured and it becomes difficult to even carry out normal activities, let alone sports. 

So, follow these proven ways that will help you be in your best shape and fitness level:

2. Follow regular conditioning programs

You can’t play any sports if you’re not in good shape. Know about the game you’re going to play daily so that you can be physically ready for that. Follow proper conditioning programs that include regular exercises, relevant to your sports. You can ask your trainer to guide you about the sets of exercises that will keep you fit. 

3. Appropriate gears and protective equipment 

Safety gears are not for the one who’s weak. It’s for all who want to be fit and play on a regular basis. So, wear your helmet, knee pads, mouth guards, gloves, and other protective equipment. You will definitely save yourself from getting injuries on the face, legs, skull, and hands. 

4. Know the rules 

Knowing and abiding by the rules is very important to save yourself from injuries. The rules are made for your safety. So, you should be very conscious of all the rules and make sure you follow them. You will keep away many injuries if you know the rules of your sports. 

5. Warm-up 

Warming up is very important to keep your muscles flexible and warm. Warm muscles don’t get injured easily. So, always warm-up before playing your game. Stretching or just starting your sports slowly will help you prevent injuries. 

6. Take rest when needed

Not taking a break means you’ll make your muscles stiff and tired. This will keep you away from performing to your fullest on a daily basis. Results? You can hurt your muscles and it will take weeks to get healthy again. So, take a rest in between your vigorous sports sessions to make sure your muscles don’t overwork. 

7. No sports when tired 

You can get a careless injury if you’re already tired. Tiredness can be problematic as you will be prone to muscle injuries. So whenever you feel fatigue, stay away from your game for a day or two. 

8. Factors that increase the risk of sports injury 

You can avoid severe sports injuries if you avoid the risk factors of getting them. Research shows that the following factors can increase the risk of sports injuries so it’s better to avoid them:

  • Having a history of muscle injuries. Even if that injury has healed and you’re back in shape. Still, you have to be very careful to warm up that part before starting your game. 
  • Vigorous training for continuous days. This makes you tired and there is a chance you can get an injury. So it’s better to take a rest and avoid continuous training. 

9. Fast and effective ways to help ease your sports injury 

Even if you get minor injuries, you shouldn’t ignore them. You should stop playing till you feel 100% fit. You can help yourself to manage injuries and pain in the following ways:

10. First aid always helps

Keep your first aid kit handy. And don’t be afraid to use it in case of injuries. Immediate attention to the injury can help it get better fast. On the contrary, ignoring an injury and continuing playing can really affect your fitness. Ask your doctor to help you make a first aid kit for you, customized according to your sports. 

11. Pain relievers 

Don’t shy away from taking a painkiller to help you with the pain. Over the counter painkillers can relax you and you can take proper rest. This will help to heal the injury faster. 

12. Laser pain therapy

A modern and effective way to get rid of injury pain and heal it is laser pain therapy. A cold laser beam is directed at the injury to promote your body’s natural healing process and relieve pain. The treatment is done by professional doctors in a clinic or a hospital. It’s totally safe and non-invasive. 

13. Consult your doctor 

In case nothing is helping, just go to your doctor for proper treatment. You can afford to make your injury worse by ignoring it or not consulting the doctor. Follow your doctor’s instructions and prescription religiously. 

14. The Bottom line 

As a sports person, it’s very difficult to keep away from the game even for a few days because of an injury. And it’s even worse if the injury is chronic and it can’t seem to get better over time. That’s why it’s important to follow some ways to save yourself from injuries. You should abide by the sport’s rules, warm up, keep yourself fit with exercises, and wear your protective gear. This will really help you to avoid injuries. 

Even if you get an injury, it’s important to take a few days rest and follow your doctor’s instructions. Along with this, you can follow some techniques like laser pain therapy to ease your pain and heal the injury faster.