Meet Jaime Manteiga, a successful entrepreneur and one of the top information security researchers in the US.

Meet Jaime Manteiga, a successful entrepreneur and one of the top information security researchers in the US.
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As the CEO of Taptok and Venkon Corp, the young entrepreneur has built his unique path to success.

Most organizations went digital for their jobs, phishing attempts, malware attacks , and many other cybersecurity problems which hit a high record in 2020. The growth in digitalization has also contributed to an increase in vulnerability to virtual threats. This continuous proliferation of cyber-threats can cause exponential demand for various software solutions as well as employee training, says Jaime Manteiga, a Cuban-American technology entrepreneur and an experienced Information Security Researcher. Manteiga (born September 29, 1989) is the founder of Venkon Corp, a computer and network security company based in Miami as well as the founder of TAPTOK, a ground-breaking approach to communication sharing technology. He has a unique vision for aligning security infrastructure, plans, controls, protocols, policies, and procedures with safety standards and organizational objectives.

As an information security expert, Manteiga has significant experience designing and testing architectures for IT security. He holds public recognition for helping companies such as Tesla, Shopify, United Airlines, and Spotify to detect and mitigate information security vulnerabilities. He also carries technical certifications from ISACA – CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor), EC-Council – CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) and MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional). His sheer dedication has enabled him to reach newer heights in life with his well-established companies Taptok and Venkon corp.

Taptok is an organization located in Miami that revolutionizes and disrupts the conventional way of networking. It offers simple solutions to simplify the worldwide networking process. It combines an elegant and futuristic design with contactless technology that allows individuals to share their contact details simply by bringing the card closer to the device of a prospect. On the other hand Venkon corp. offers effective and creative solutions to an organization’s cyber-security risks and IT enforcement needs. The business is dedicated to developing specific and personalized solutions that resolve the challenges of information security faced by various types of companies and organizations.

Due to the peak of cyber threats in 2020, Manteiga provides some valuable tips on how entrepreneurs and owners should enhance security for their companies and organizations, “Strong password policies, reliable protection solutions, know what needs to be secured and upgrade systems often” are some of his tips to stop cyber-attacks. He also stresses that in the event of a data breach or spotting of any intrusion or virus, every employee must be encouraged to come forward immediately instead of trying to solve the problem all by themselves and this is a brilliant contactless solution to the challenges caused by COVID-19, limiting activities aimed at business growth.