Online News Portal Times of New York Redefines Excellent Journalism

Online News Portal Times of New York Redefines Excellent Journalism
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Are you an avid reader? Do you always try to be updated with the latest trends in the world? How do you do that?

With the advent of online news publications like Times of New York, keeping oneself updated and informed has never been easier. Times of New York has made its aim crystal clear: To report on all the happenings across major industries ranging from Technology to Business. The categories which ToNY reports are World News, Sports, Politics, Tech, Business and Entertainment of course.

Set up on 17th Feb 2019, the publication is inching towards its two-year anniversary and the best present it could have received was surpassing over a million news readers who wish to keep up with the latest happenings of the world and chose Times of New York to do the job for them.

Times of New York is a global online news publication. One needs not to be confused with the ‘New York’ city name in its title. ToNY reports on all the world’s happenings equally as it reports on New York stories. The website has an ebullient theme to it which makes reading the news stories altogether more engaging and fun.

The star influencer which you follow on social media has made a controversial statement and you’re unaware of that? You wouldn’t have been if you were tuned into

Your corporate team members are discussing the most recent business acquisition deal which you haven’t even heard of? No need to worry. Times of New York has a separate dedicated category for ‘World Markets’ and ‘Deals’ where your business partners or corporate team members might have gotten their information from. These categories are solely intended to impart financial updates and happenings to the masses.

The online news outlet Times of New York has redefined and presented remarkable journalism in all the areas one could expect it to. New stories are added regularly to ensure the readers do not miss out on any important world happening. What makes the Times of New York stand out from the masses is it’s ‘simple yet comprehensive’ approach. The complex news articles are broken down into easy to digest and understand stories. No propaganda, no bias, straight up facts.

The previous and upcoming decade will be remembered in history for the unprecedented times they have shown and are yet to show to human civilization. In these times, reporting the facts becomes a hard job, and Times of New York has aced this tough job in a phenomenal and praise-worthy fashion.