Alexa Carlin- Breaking Millennial Stereotypes and Taking Names

Alexa Carlin- Breaking Millennial Stereotypes and Taking Names
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We’ve often heard the stereotype that millennials are “lazy” and “don’t strive for excellence.” This could not be farther from the truth in the case of Alexa Carlin. Alexa Carlin has taken the more difficult path of entrepreneurship through life and has shown great strength and creativity
in each venture she’s set out on.

Her ambitions were evident from a young age as she started her first business venture at the age of 17 selling jewelry to a LA-based fashion company. As if starting a company at the age of 17 wasn’t enough, Alexa also incorporated a philanthropic component to her business model which donated part of her proceeds to noble causes such as The American Cancer Society.

These ambitions flourished when she went off to college. Alexa started her own blog, ​ Hello Perfect ​ , that encouraged women and young girls to be confident in themselves no matter their age, background, or experiences.

Alexa clearly had a ton of forward momentum ready to propel her to a successful career as she neared the end of her time in college. However, this momentum came to a screeching halt just four months before graduation. Alexa fell into septic shock, was put into a medically-induced coma for six days, and spent a total of 10 days fighting for her life.

While she was extremely fortunate to be alive after being diagnosed with a 1% chance of walking out of the hospital, the road to recovery was immensely difficult. She battled with the trauma of her hospital stay as it plagued her mind for months after as well as an autoimmune disease she still struggles with today.

Instead of letting these ailments lull her into what could be perceived as laziness, Alexa fought long and hard to tame her physical and mental condition so she could continue down her path to success.

Out of her moxie was born a successful career in public speaking and Women Empower X. Today, Alexa is a nationally-renowned speaker and budding star on Clubhouse with over 8,000 followers on the platform and over 25,000 followers on Instagram.

Furthermore, Women Empower X has been bringing together female entrepreneurs from all walks of life for 5 years via in-person events. In the last year alone, Alexa nd her team have “pivoted with purpose” as Alexa says and conducted their first virtual event and opened their Inner Circle membership!

It’s clear through the hardships that Alexa has had to overcome that Alexa is far from the millennial stereotype of “lazy.” She strives for excellence in both her personal brand and Women Empower X as her mission in life is to make one person’s life better every single day. Alexa serves as a model of breaking millennial stereotypes and showing true courage and conviction in every venture she sets out on.