Inspiring the world through his skills and knowledge as a doctor, entrepreneur and athlete is Dr Jonathan Kung.

Inspiring the world through his skills and knowledge as a doctor, entrepreneur and athlete is Dr Jonathan Kung.
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He has tried to pursue everything in life that could lead him towards a well-rounded lifestyle and advises the same to his patients.

Enough has already been said about different people from different business industries and the kind of feats they have been attaining. Ever wondered what is that one thing that might have helped all these professionals stand out from others? Persistence, says Dr Jonathan Kung, a name that has become synonymous to success in the medical industry of the US. He is a man who has always believed in his dreams and has made pertinent efforts to not only achieve great success with his career but also change the lives of his patients for the better. Dr Jonathan Kung is an ace Gastroenterologist, who has trained in advanced interventional endoscopy. He currently works an Assistant Professor of Medicine with the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in Manhattan.

However, he wanted to create a career that could do the different and help people realize the importance of living an active and fit lifestyle. This was the reason, Dr Jonathan Kung also turned into entrepreneurship and became an athlete and motivational speaker as well, to change the perspectives of people for the better with his knowledge and experiences of life and lead them towards a well-rounded lifestyle. Dr Jonathan Kung has been living a unique lifestyle, where he is not just practicing as a physician, but also trains hard as a boxer and travels the world as one of the leading motivational speakers. This in itself proves the prowess and excellence of Dr Jonathan Kung, who has worked extremely hard to provide good health and happiness to all his patients and his family, friends, and community. He has inspired passion and personal growth for helping and motivating others.

Dr Jonathan Kung’s cornerstone of treatment for his patients includes his passion for medicine, medical missions, fitness, philanthropy, fashion, active lifestyle, promotion of general physical and mental health wellness. Dr Jonathan Kung can’t emphasize enough on the importance of exercising daily and spending time with family and friends, travelling and learning new things each passing day. He believes that individuals must pursue everything they want to achieve in life for attaining a well-rounded lifestyle.

Dr Jonathan Kung has also been able to create a great connection with people on social media platforms, where he reached out to people and provided them with the right guidance and inspiration to better their health and lifestyle.

To find out more, follow him on Instagram @jonny_kay.