How Deimira Baidoo Helps Companies Maximize their Advertising Budgets

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Deimira Paa Baidoo of Melcom Group Ltd. is a Facebook advertising guru who helps leverage the world’s largest social network to help clients succeed.

Most small businesses have a difficult time knowing how to properly allocate their marketing budgets, and can be left in the dark in terms of how to make an advertising impact quickly.

For companies that need to attract clients quickly, online advertising is clearly the way to go, but knowing the right channels can be an exhausting process to determine. Many companies turn to Google Adwords to help with acquiring clients based on search terms. 

Deimira Paa Baidoo, owner of Calgary marketing company Melcom Group Ltd., encourages his clients to go with Facebook advertising first, however, based on cost. “Facebook’s advertising service, on a per-view basis, is a fraction of the cost of Google Adwords… there are few better ways for local businesses to reach such a wide audience with so much functionality, all for such a limited cost,” Baidoo explains.

He has a point. Google AdWords can quickly incur heavy advertising costs, with a single click costing between $5 and up to $40 or more. The implication being, a business that invests a few hundred dollars into a campaign might only get 10 or 20 clicks, not to mention a diminished amount of transactions. The same budget on a Facebook ad campaign might translate to tens of thousands of views without any limit on the number of clicks. If a campaign can reach 75,000 viewers, for example, this could simulate the power and reach of a large billboard over a high-traffic area.

Deimira also advises that Facebook can encourage viewers to take secondary actions like visiting a website, following a page, and more, unlike Google AdWords. Baido does think Google Ads can still be useful with a very targeted audience, a higher budget, or if a single click can generate a high return on investment. But for most small businesses with small budgets, Facebook advertising is still the most cost-efficient.

Deimira Baidoo is an entrepreneur and business coach who owns and operates Melcom Group Ltd., a Calgary-based online marketing agency. His company helps businesses of various sizes and industries. 

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