Lourissa Setu: A Business Model for Growing A Successful 6-Figure Income

Lourissa Setu: A Business Model for Growing A Successful 6-Figure Income
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In this current technological climate, it has become customary for ordinary people to achieve extraordinary income growth with the click of a button. With online job opportunities and development in the digital economy, earning 6-figures has become much more attainable. The news is filled with stories of child millionaires and internet sensations who have grown their revenue by leveraging the internet’s power. Lourissa Setu is a New Zealand-based 6-figure affiliate marketer, mentor, and coach, supporting people to transform their lives and finances by activating their potential. She has experienced this growth due to improving her mindset and taking a chance on the power of the Internet.

An Automated Process

Technology has allowed people to earn even while they sleep. Businesses have now put a heavy weighting on automated systems and processes. Through her current roles as an affiliate marketer, mentor, and coach, Lourissa has worked with people from all over the world to help them grow their income using automated platforms. “We have an automated platform that does the majority of the heavy lifting for people if they decide to build this business, and it acts as a funnel with a company to sell a High-Ticket offer. Because the commissions and bonuses are so large, I have created my first six-figure year and soon to be a seven-figure year. This makes it very possible for others to create too. Especially because of the leverage with the automation of the platform/funnel.”

A sales funnel is also known as a sales process or a revenue funnel. It refers to the purchasing process that businesses lead their customers through when buying products or services. Funnels have become very popular, and many companies use this model to sell their products and services.

Empowering Others

While her business model encompasses sales and funnels, Lourissa maintains a high sense of self-awareness which is an essential part of her coaching process. “My business is based around inner work, alchemizing the limiting beliefs and blocks that people hold. It involves self-healing and development. It helps people change their relationships with money and everything in their life, including themselves.”

Mindset, spirituality, and manifestations are integral in her business model. “I believe strongly in self-discovery, empowering others to activate their potential and seeing their self-worth. I love seeing people transform their lives and also their finances. I hold space for and guide those committed to themselves and their vision through their journey using this vehicle.

Besides sharing with her clients in closed forums, Lourissa uses her open platforms to empower others. “I’m also here to share whatever free value I can on my social network pages. I share things that others can implement in their lives, businesses and relationships.”

Encourage Freedom of Expression

When employees can express themselves freely, creative ideas are generated. Many companies have implemented programs that encourage free thought and originality. For Lourissa, she practices the art of showing up as herself. A habit she also encourages in her mentoring. “With this business, we get to show up as ourselves, share our messages, and our visions for what’s possible. I feel so much inner freedom that I have never experienced before, so much self-acceptance. Employees can often feel shy and reserved when they are not able to share. Parts of myself I used to hide or be a little bit embarrassed at have now become parts I love and which makes my business unique.” Lourissa shares thought-provoking messages with her team that insights them to think creatively.

Entrepreneurs and business leaders have found that empowering staff and teams leads to increased revenue. Lourissa’s approach should be implemented by all.