How Bill J Clarke Helps Brands to Grow Sustainably Through His High-Value Strategies

How Bill J Clarke Helps Brands to Grow Sustainably Through His High-Value Strategies
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Bill J Clarke is a marketing agency owner from York, England who strives to be at the peak of his industry by delivering transformational results for his clients and innovating his services. By the age of 23, he has already become heavily business-minded and has recently partnered with two other entrepreneurs as part of Organic Clients Agency – a press agency that helps entrepreneurs and influencers to build authority in their market through getting featured in online publications such as Yahoo Finance, Forbes, Thrive Global and more.

Bill started his journey into entrepreneurship when he dropped out of university in Leeds – despite his results being above 90% – he felt the need for more purpose in his life, which led him down the path to pursue a dream of living a lifestyle he loves. Since then, he has grown his agency to the point where he is in a position to travel the world while running his business from his laptop. Most recently he spent 5 weeks in Turkey escaping the cold, dark winter of North England as is currently keeping his ear to the ground for when he can next travel abroad.

As he waits for the opportunity to next jet off to paradise, Bill J Clarke works on delivering his clients results through his lead generation service. His agency – Mustard Fox Marketing – helps businesses by providing them with a predictable flow of high-quality, ready to buy leads via his digital marketing strategies. When we spoke to Bill, he said there were 3 core pillars required for businesses looking to consistently generate high-value leads and today, Bill is going to talk us through each one.

‘Consistently generating high-value leads’ – let’s break that down.

Firstly, it all starts with the lead. The prospect. The individual or business before they have purchased the product or service. Before businesses start selling, they need to know explicitly who they’re selling to. This goes far deeper than demographics – where most businesses stop. This is one of the first things that Bill works through with his clients, building a ‘dream client avatar’. Usually a document, this contains anything and everything related to their dream client – from their needs and wants, to their struggles, to their dream future, to their past failures. The more in depth this becomes, the more effective the lead generating campaigns will be.

Next, notice ‘high-value lead’. Bill says this – not as a marketing ploy – but because the leads he helps his clients to generate are ‘high-value’. This means they are likely spending a lot of money and are ready to buy. This is the exact reason Bill believes that lead generation should focus on the quality of leads rather than quantity as the most tive strategy for standing out is by going for quality in an age where everyone goes for quantity. When it comes to finding these leads, we’ll circle back to the ‘dream client avatar’ Bill helps each of his clients with. Using the information from here, he integrates this into pretty much every aspect of his clients marketing campaigns – from their offers, their ads, their website and much more. This helps his clients shift from a focus on themselves, to now being on their ideal client which allows for much higher levels of enquiries and new business.

Finally, yet most importantly, how can businesses consistently bring these high-value leads into their network? Beofre working with him, few of Bill’s clients had what he calls ‘rollercoaster marketing tactics’ that relies solely on trying the latest hot strategy, getting a bit of success but not being able to sustain it, then after a few weeks of no enquiries, moving on to the next strategy and repeating. This means that they didn’t have an accurate measure of how many new leads they would have next month. What’s more, they didn’t have a replicable system for bringing in new business. One way to do this would be to use a platform such as email marketing, creating content, running PPC ads on Google or Facebook, using LinkedIn outreach etc and then sticking with it. Once you integrate your strategies along with your dream client avatar, and an offer specifically for this audience, then it’s only a matter of time before your campaigns open up the floodgates of new, high-value leads.

If business owners were to take one thing away from this article, it’s that having a replicable system for generating leads is so vital to success, that Bill has devoted his years to helping other businesses create these for themselves.

If you’re looking to connect with Bill J Clarke, you can find him on Instagram @billclarke.97