Boston’s BobbyJayTV Gives Hands For Those In Need

BobbyJayTV (born Bob Jacobs) has undoubtedly grown into a heartfelt public figure. He has been recognized for several attempts of helping those in need. “I know how it feels to be in hard times, and have nothing” BobbyJayTV states. His first reach to help was his donation to poor kids in Liberia. Being Liberian this hit home and he donated an undisclosed amount in order to help the families in need.

After donating he took notice that his supporters started to take action as well sending in donations. ”I noticed people reacting to my involvement and also influenced many to donate as well, thats when I realized that this situation was bigger than me” States BobbyJayTV. After noticing that his fan base was following suit he began to promote more non-profit movements. He then donated to the Australia Red Cross to help out with the tragic Brush Fires. In his home town he started a bi-weekly program to feed the homeless.

The Family prepares over 200 meals that include a sandwich and a beverage in the city of Boston where they personally hand them out to families in need. BobbyJayTV states that he is working on creating his own non profit where people can donate enabling him to be able to give more families around the world help. BobbyJayTV also states”no matter how small you might be as a public figure your step towards doing better can lead to a marathon on greatness”. For more info follow him on twitter @Bobbyjaytv

Patricia Alice: