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5 Things Dr. KaNisha Says About Pole Dancing

5 Things Dr. KaNisha Says About Pole Dancing

Why is Dr. KaNisha Hall, a doctor, counselor, and author of “Sex After…” raving about pole dancing?

Dr. KaNisha explains, “After crushing my summer fitness goals and freeing my inner stripper, I feel a need to share my new obsession with exotic cardio fitness, especially Pole Dancing. So often people, especially women, neglect their sexual health. I am making it my mission to push the narrative that sexuality plays a crucial part of both physical and mental health. A positive sense of self is so consequential to just about every aspect of well-being. Thus, I will forge the way with transparency to share my journey to empowered sexuality. Currently, I am dipping low and bringing it up slow in order to tone and shape my backside. At the same time, I find my spirits are lifted as I fall in love with these results staring back at me in the mirror. “

Now before you run off to the local pole dancing studio, please allow Dr. KaNisha to share 5 things that keep her coming back for more.

  1. It’s Not Dirty!

“First let me begin by saying I have a newfound respect and appreciation for exotic dancing and pole dancers. It requires a great deal of athleticism to carry out a series of rhythmic contortions while maintaining balance on this unyielding pole. I also now understand the movement to add pole dancing to the olympic competitions.

There is absolutely nothing dirty about expressing a sense of sexiness via dance. It’s sensual, freeing, arousing, empowering, challenging, etc. I have definitely broken a sweat in these classes, however I do not feel dirty. In the same way I do not feel dirty after any workout. I feel accomplished, alive, and healthy. Healthy is the new sexy, I guess. “

  1. It’s a REAL workout.

“Pole Dancing is a great alternative to what often become boring and monotonous cardio workouts. Even a short routine will raise your heart rate. These workouts are great for cardiovascular health. You will definitely increase blood flow. Also you will tone many muscles groups as you use your body weight as resistance to hold your poses. Exotic dancing requires a great deal of flexibility. As you make your knees touch your elbows, you may notice an increase in flexibility. As I mentioned before, these routines have helped me reach my fitness goals. I lost a few pounds. My arms are more toned. My backside is looking great in my dance tights.”

  1. It’s better with friends. 

“My dance class mates have become friends, and I keep dragging more friends to class. It’s fun. Really, the more the merrier! Especially when you are first starting, you wouldn’t want any of your besties to miss a laugh at the expense of your clumsiness. Real friends don’t let friends fall down without laughing before they pick them up! Now, that should be a rule.”

  1. Don’t try this at home.. Just yet!

“My dance instructors are trained professionals. This clumsy, amateur will not be attempting to invert and balance on my pole without professional supervision and/or suitable spotter. My poor instructor has saved me from a concussion twice already. I’m going to train with the professionals a few more months before I can feel comfortable installing my home/office pole.”

  1. It may be addictive.

“I’m hooked.”

Find more about this fun-loving physician and exotic fitness enthusiasts on her website and on all of social media @drkanisha.

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