“A State of romance” is a band mixed with metal rock, drum, bass, rhythm, and many more

“A State of romance” is a band mixed with metal rock, drum, bass, rhythm, and many more

A product to entertain and thrill people with a team of extremely lavished mixed talent.

Several people are engrossed with miraculous talent. However, when different talents join together the world is blessed with a staggering team. With the same motive “A State of romance” is one such astonishing band immersed with incomparable talented people.

Darren Rodgers, Deano Lilley & Wayne lee originated the band “A sate of romance” fostering new talent which was never heard before. The music mix of vocalist, rhythm, metal rock, drum & bass has created miracles in the music industry.

The idea of mixing and creating new beats has brought new concepts to the industry of entertainment. People are craving for unique and unheard music which was well understood by Darren Rodgers, Deano Lilley & Wayne lee. Realizing their unique aspects and if mixed with different ideas and talent could radiate world with astonishing and sparkling music they created the band “A state of romance” a revolutionary in the world of beats and tones.

“A state of romance” has emerged as the band of talent thrilling people’s excitement to the next level. However, its released songs such as “Reality” has proved the unbeatable victory of join skills.

While exploring the history the band was earlier called “littlecrazy”. Darren Rodgers, Deano Lilley & Wayne lee also went on tour with the Australian band “Tracer” also released an album called “lost Poison” and also and, EP called “End With You” which has thrilled the online platform with amazing video featured on several video channels.

They were also headlined as the 02 academy Sheffield, and on several other 02 academies around the Uk. Thus, gaining profound identity they groomed their talent and nurtured it by adding different skills through their unbeatable band “A State of romance”.

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