After Pune police interrupted his performance midway, AR Rahman breaks his silence and displays a clip of the officer on stage. Watch

AR Rahman discussed his most recent concert in Pune while sharing a video. Due to the event starting later than allowed, the cops called off the performance.

After the Pune police interrupted his recent performance midway through, composer of music AR Rahman finally spoke out. As the show continued past the permitted time of 10 p.m., it was terminated. On Monday, AR Rahman uploaded a video from his concert on Twitter, showing him performing on stage with other musicians and vocalists. Along with AR Rahman performing, a police officer was also shown in the footage on stage.

Currently, Ponniyin Selvan 2, AR Rahman’s most recent release, is enjoying great success. Rahman composed the music and background score for the movie, which has earned more over 200 crore in just four days since its premiere. Arunmozhi Varman, who was thought to be dead, makes a surprise appearance in the second installment of the Ponniyin Selvan series, and Nandini seeks retribution against the Cholas for forcing her family out of their home and killing her father.



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