After UAW wins in Detroit, Tesla increased the wages of production workers in the United States

After UAW wins in Detroit, Tesla increased the wages of production workers in the United States


is giving “market adjustment” pay raises to a large number of its production workers nationwide this month, per announcements made at the company’s Fremont, California car assembly plant.

An employee in Fremont attested to the fact that the corporation had recently implemented increases and that information regarding the 2024 pay rate had been provided at the location. The individual requested anonymity, stating that they lacked authorization to interact with the media.

Employees at Tesla’s battery plant in Sparks, Nevada, were informed last month by CNBC that their hourly wages would increase in January. Depending on their employment, hourly workers in Nevada saw rises of roughly 10%. This does not include incentives that certain employees may receive.

Following significant victories at the big three Detroit automakers, the United Auto Workers announced that it would try to organize at least one Tesla facility. This declaration coincided with the recent salary hikes. To find out if Tesla employees are interested in organizing a union, the UAW is collecting names and signatures on an authorization card that is being distributed online.

Under Shawn Fain’s direction, the UAW demands a vote or corporate recognition of the union when it wins the support of roughly 70% of workers at a factory.

“Tesla is now following in the footsteps of Toyota, Hyundai, Volkswagen, and almost every other car company in raising wages in the wake of our historic victory at the Big Three, as non-union autoworkers everywhere are starting to stand up for themselves,” Fain said in a statement emailed to CNBC by a spokesperson. “As great as these raises are, they still fall far short of what the companies can afford and what autoworkers are worth.”

The authorization card’s signer count was not disclosed by the union for Tesla employees.

Prior to this, President Joe Biden stated that he was in favor of worker organizing initiatives in factories that were not yet unionized. Included in that category are Toyota and Tesla.

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