Aiming to reach the highest of the highs as a passionate businesswoman entrepreneur, forex trader and business mentor is Aurélie-Jung Moron

Aiming to reach the highest of the highs as a passionate  businesswoman entrepreneur, forex trader and business mentor is Aurélie-Jung Moron

Aurelie has created a colossal community of leaders worldwide to coach them towards financial freedom.

With the changing times of the world and the many advances that multiple brands and businesses have seen over the years, people have realized that many opportunities are present in the market that can be explored, which could help them in creating an income stream out of the same. However, not many have the guts to choose the right streams taking the risk and making it in the same. Many people fear the network marketing and financial fields, because of the market volatility and the risks involved, but they don’t realize that the right coaches and experts can help them in their journey and take them nearer in achieving their financial visions. Promising to turn all these dreams into reality and making people financially free is a woman business entrepreneur, forex trader and mindset coach named Aurélie-Jung Moron.

Born in South Korea, Aurelie shifted to Paris with her younger brother, getting adopted by a French couple, after she lost her biological parents. As she grew up, she realized her talents to grasp things quickly and complete every task with utmost perfection. Somewhere these qualities of Aurelie helped her transform into a successful woman entrepreneur and financial educator she is today.

Her love for classical music took her towards becoming a classical music agent who worked for promotion and bookings of various international artists all over the world for festivals and symphonic orchestras. However, a brutal incident of her life made her lose her partner. She then focused on raising her two young kids with the support of her own parents, after giving up her career. Soon, she realized that to make her family happy and financially independent; she would have to search for an industry that could make it all happen for her. The network marketing industry is one of those industries where if done right, people can earn millions through the same. Aurelie did the same, after a lot of trial and error; she built her career and attained the financial freedom she desired.

With time, she became one of the pioneering women leaders in the network marketing space who very intelligently allied it to forex and cryptocurrency education and trading. This turned her into one of the most engaged and brilliant business partner with a preeminent firm in Forex and Crypto trading as well as an innovative comprehensive digital banking.

Adding to her credit, Aurelie has also built a colossal community of leaders from across the globe called A.D.N Million-Ère, where she mentors and coaches them regularly through live events and Zoom. These sessions with her are in association with an inventive system of digital banking and professional traders, leading every member to financial prosperity and making them earn incredible amounts daily, building up their income streams.

Aurelie believes in Robert Kiyosaki’s quote, « The richest people in the world look for and build networks while everyone else looks for work”. She wants people to understand that under her mentorship and her expertise as a financial educator, people can change their lives completely by earning the income they have always desired and ultimately attain financial independence.

To contact Aurelie you can visit her website or Instagram/ @aureliemoron

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