Allure Labs Creates Beautiful Skincare and Makeup from Beginning to End

Allure Labs Creates Beautiful Skincare and Makeup from Beginning to End

Creating new skincare and makeup can be easier than it seems. With the help of Allure Labs, which has spent over 20 years in the business, production is taken care of from conceptualization to holding the finished product in your hand.

Allure Labs’ team of professionals leaves no worries as to whether they can create the perfect product that suits their clients’ vision. In their FDA registered, 65,000 square foot lab, they utilize cutting edge technology, allowing their master chemists to work on development with the finest tools. Clients are also able to choose specific ingredients they do and do not want included in their product to ensure complete customization. Finally, the in-house graphic designer, quality control, and quality assurance teams finalize the packaging and satisfy high product standards.

Sam Dhatt, the founder of Allure Labs, has been working in chemistry since the 1990s and has been breaking ground since he began. In 1992, he was among the first to use Alpha Hydroxy Acids, a prominent skincare ingredient in today’s pharmacies. He made his first million out of his own garage and used the funds to expand into a lab in 1995. Eventually, as his brand grew and grew, he expanded into the state-of-the-art lab currently located in Northern California. The lab is also breaking into advanced skincare technology, being the first to use matrixyl and the second to use glycolic acid in their products. As of 2018, he has created products for over 200 clients with high customer satisfaction, among which are Dermaquest, Valeant Pharmaceuticals, Ladykind, and PFB Vanish.

Whether it be for shampoo, face masks, or body wash, Allure Labs is ready to bring your vision to life. Visit their website at

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