Apple is set to Release the Thinnest and Lightest MacBooks, IPads, and IPhones

Apple is set to Release the Thinnest and Lightest MacBooks, IPads, and IPhones

Since its May 2024 introduction, Apple’s new iPad Pro has reportedly been touted to be the tiniest iPad ever—even thinner than the iPad Air.

As per Mark Gurman’s piece, a Bloomberg report suggests that Apple plans to incorporate the “thin is in” concept into nearly all of its products.

Apple Will Soon Release Slimmer Devices

Apple is reportedly working on a new line of devices that will probably be the tiniest and lightest in their respective tech sector categories, according to Mark Gurman.

The Information published a story that discussed Apple’s goals for a more compact product lineup and included information on previous reports on smaller Apple devices.

Apple continues to be committed to making smartphones that are smaller, as seen by rumors of a “iPhone 17 Slim” variant circulating.

It is possible that a very tiny iPhone may be available by 2025, according to research from Bloomberg.

“Slim” iPhone Is Anticipated To Be More Expensive Than Pro Max iPhone

Although it is anticipated that the iPhone ‘Slim’ would have a screen that is larger than the iPhone Pro (6.1 inches) but smaller than the iPhone Pro Max (6.7 inches), it is anticipated to cost more than the iPhone Pro Max.

According to reports, none of the thin smartphone models will be released this year.

The MacBook and Apple Watch are expected to get smaller, according to a Bloomberg story.

With a September 2024 release date anticipated, the iPhone 16 series is unlikely to stray from its current proportions.

Similarly, a 2024 release date for a smaller Apple Watch model is not expected.

Apple To Launch New Foldable Smartphone by 2026

Furthermore, by 2026, a new 7.9-inch foldable iPhone from Apple is anticipated.

The “wrap-around” design of this new device will set it apart from the other folding devices now on the market, according to analyst views.

There are currently foldable smartphones on the market from manufacturers including Vivo, Samsung, Oppo, and OnePlus.

The foldable iPhone has not yet been revealed, but it will be the company’s first of its kind.

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