Apple Referred to Android as a “Massive Tracking Device,” as Internal Documents Show

Apple Referred to Android as a “Massive Tracking Device,” as Internal Documents Show

Although it’s no secret that Apple dislikes the Android operating system, a leaked company presentation claims that the company began referring to the Android platform in private as early as January 2013 and called it a “massive tracking device”.

The presentation, made public during the US v. Google antitrust case, demonstrates how Apple planned to use Google’s privacy issues as a marketing ploy to entice users of Android to switch to iOS at an early stage.

Tim Cook, the CEO, received an email from Apple SVP of Services Eddy Cue with the presentation, “Competing on Privacy.” This is our most recent privacy information. Cue wrote to Cook at the time, “There’s still a lot of work to be done, but good start.

The presentation materials, some of which have been redacted, indicate that Apple observed that its rivals, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook, were raising privacy issues with their data-collection practices.

The presentation also features a notorious comment made in 2010 by former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, in which he hinted that once technology advanced, people would be fitted with brain implants. Subsequently, the document makes the case that Apple’s data collection strategy can protect user privacy more effectively than Google’s, which depended on merging user data from various services to display relevant advertisements.

The lecture concludes with a 2010 statement from Steve Jobs, the former CEO of Apple, stating: “We take privacy very seriously… Many in the Valley believe that we are incredibly archaic in this regard.

The inner record appears to have at last driven Apple to vigorously put resources into the security point. This became conspicuous beginning in 2019 when the organization put a promotion at CES that said: ” What occurs on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone.”

Apple’s iPhone has since overwhelmed Google’s Android as the top cell phone stage in the US.

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