Apple Wants To Provide A New Battery Replacement Method Beginning With The iPhone 16

Apple Wants To Provide A New Battery Replacement Method Beginning With The iPhone 16

According to The Information, Apple Inc. (AAPL) is working on technologies to make it easier to change iPhone batteries, which could be available later this year.

This program is in reaction to a new EU rule that requires smartphone manufacturers to ensure that batteries may be replaced by users with readily available tools by 2025.

According to sources familiar with the iPhone production process, Apple is studying the use of electrically induced adhesive debonding technology to simplify battery replacement. This method involves detaching the battery with a modest electrical current, making it more accessible to users.

Despite this advancement, consumers will still need to manually unlock the iPhone because the components are intricately interwoven and tightly attached, reports The Information.

This new battery replacement method is expected to debut in at least one iPhone 16 model later this year, and it might potentially be extended to all iPhone 17 models the following year. Given the intricacies and risks associated in battery replacements, Apple will most certainly continue to suggest expert assistance.

Furthermore, beginning in late 2024, Apple intends to provide battery health indicators to better support third-party batteries, with a notification saying that Apple cannot validate the facts presented. While Apple has a reputation for making gadgets that are difficult to fix due to their hermetically sealed designs, recent MacRumors sources indicate that the company has provided self-repair options and diagnostic tools to address these issues.


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