Apple’s Whole iPad Lineup For The Coming Year Could Have Just Been Leaked

Apple’s Whole iPad Lineup For The Coming Year Could Have Just Been Leaked

Beta code dives have revealed the identities for unreleased iPad models, including those that were assumed to be scrapped during development.

On Tuesday, a leaker published five identifiers believed to be associated with the iPhone 16 smartphone family. Two days later, more identifiers surfaced from the same source, this time for iPads.

The list, received from Nicolas Alvarez and published by @Aaronp613 on X (previously Twitter), is described as “guesses” on what they could be. The list includes some educated suggestions, but there is no certainty that they are correct.

The list is divided into two parts, with more than half including hardware that is likely to be released at some point. The remainder focuses on gadgets that are said to have been “scrapped” by Apple, at least for the time being.

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Future Hardware

The in-bound list includes iPad15,7 and iPad15,8, which are believed to be the 11th-generation iPads with Wi-Fi and Cellular, respectively. The model is expected to run on an A16 chip.

The identifiers iPad16,1 and iPad16,2 are thought to be the A17 seventh-generation iPad mini with Wi-Fi and Cellular capabilities.

The final four identifiers range from iPad17.1 to iPad17.4. The report suggests that these are for the iPad Pro’s M5 model.

The first pair is reported to be an 11-inch model with Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity, while the second is a 13-inch model.

Scrapped iPads

The second group of identifiers for “scrapped” devices begins with the iPad13,20 and iPad13,21, which represent the base Wi-Fi and Cellular variants of an A14 iPad.

The identifiers iPad15.3 through iPad15.6 refer to iPad Pro versions with M3. Since the product line is currently based on the M4 chip, an M3 launch is exceedingly unlikely.

Outside of Apple, no one knows exactly which models link with which identifiers until they are released. Aside from the rejected models, the 11th-generation iPad is expected to come within months, while the iPad Pro’s M5 update will take longer.

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