Archit Godara | Electrical Engineer Turned Digital Media Expert

Archit Godara | Electrical Engineer Turned Digital Media Expert

Digital Marketers are the players who have to clear 100meter boundary all the time with their techniques else they will be caught and gone in just time. Digital Marketers are creative & versatile professionals who know what will work online in the world. It is an ever-changing field that gives a broad outlook and some fresh inspirations to your daily feeds, and they also show you what’s happening in the global market. Archit Godara is one such expert who is a young and a very enthusiastic personality and also the founder of Marketing Lobby. He is a digital marketing expert or say Digital marketing guru of today’s time in India. He is competing against big names of the western world.

One thing that Archit Godara holds near his heart while working in online life showcasing, is that ‘Change’ is the main steady factor that oversees our lives. With the assistance of his amazing computerized advertising aptitudes, Archit has encountered extraordinary achievements. His comprehension of the digital promoting segment is straightforwardly proportionate to the part’s centrality as an up and coming plan of action. Archit has solid perspectives about how digital promoting is concerning the Indian setting. The engineer turned digital marketing expert, feels that the nation is yet not mindful of the “intensity of advanced showcasing” and there is a huge extension for the development chance of this segment in India. His company Marketing Lobby is providing excellent support to companies to grow digitally and fight against western countries businesses online.

Indian small scale and medium-range companies requires assist from Marketing Lobby who can take Indian companies to top with online platform globally. Archit Godara is putting some serious effort into his work, is one gem of an expert.

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