Aryan Shrivastav’s opinion on digital marketing

Aryan Shrivastav’s opinion on digital marketing

Aryan Shrivastav is the founder and CEO of Bond Media and Patna Mail, an Indian entrepreneur who began a relationship with graphics design and digital marketing from an early age.

5 years ago Shrivastav had an idea for a startup, but he knew nothing about the startup world. He started learning new things by attending events and gaining knowledge about brand promotion. 3 years ago he started his own agency and today he is providing best services to clients and agencies also by adding new things to his portfolio.

Aryan who is now a successful entrepreneur has a team of developers, designers, marketing strategists and planners who are very efficient and experienced in their fields. He is highly driven by the idea of Make in india initiative and believes that if we connect with each other digitally, then we can take our India far ahead.

“I believe that the digital platform works on different hierarchy. Right now, we are at the lowest level. There are many things to come and we have to be ready for all of them. Do not ignore anything new! Try it, maybe it will give you some new ideas for your own startup. keep your eyes open and get hold of your worthiness.”

Now is not the time when people used to shop on seeing the publicity in newspapers.Today’s time is one click and you have to influence your clients before that click. Make your products different, keep rates reasonable and get digitally promoted. This is the only way you can earn your name quickly and in budget.

Aryan takes care of every customer needs. No matter how complex the matter may seem, he provides the best possible solution keeping in mind the customer’s requirements and budget.

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