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Astrologer Jade Luna makes flawless predictions about 2020 using an ancient goddess based system from the ancient world

Astrologer Jade Luna makes flawless predictions about 2020 using an ancient goddess based system from the ancient world

It wasn’t but a few months ago I heard about an Astrologer from Joshua Tree CA, that made several public predictions that a pandemic would happen. I read some articles and an altered post on Facebook and I decided to follow his work and research his pandemic predictions. This would require me contacting his clients and researching locations that hosted his earth change seminars. After hearing a few seminar CD’s and discussing Jade Luna’s prediction with workers at Santa Fe Soul in New Mexico, I am certain he predicted our current state.

What was more surprising and shocking was what I was seeing on his Facebook page. Predictions in real time, right in front of my eyes. It took but two months to recognize I was observing one of the most accurate astrologers I have researched. Let me introduce you to a series of predictions directly from his social media. What I like about his style is that he prefers to make sharp two sentence predictions that are more in the vain of Nostradamus as opposed to a modern astrologer writing pages for a simple prediction that could be easy to refute. Let me take you into Jade Sol Luna’s precise predictions made in 2020. Jade makes these predictions from an ancient sidereal Greek system he reconstructed himself, he calls it Asterian Astrology and dedicates it to the goddess Asteria.

Jade Luna predicted the first four months of 2020 would be catastrophic at an earth change seminar on March 11th, 2011. The actual date of the great tsunami in Japan. Here are his words from the magazine “Entertainment Paper” January of 2019. “The combination of the deities Typhon and Prometheus early 2020 along with the heavyweight planets Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter moving into Capricorn (sidereal) conjuncting the star Natura “earth” would be too much for the planet to handle at once. “There are five big punches thrown at earth in a short period of time. Life should return to a “new normalcy” after we have been tested to the core through a volcanic eruption, pandemic or an asteroid hitting the earth.” The eclipse of Dec 26th, 2019 is under the star Hecate (Mula/Jyotish) and conjuncts several planets. This star is about getting to the Core or root of all problems and is associated with “hard change” Jade says.

Jade did say the eclipses of June would shift the topic from a cataclysm to humanitarian issues. “The god Typhon (the virus) would pass the ecliptic torch to Prometheus (humanity). “ Jade based the protests on the eclipses of June 2020 as they were ruled over by Prometheus, the god of humanity.

I watched this prediction take place in real time. As the protesting started, Jade made a very unusual prediction. He said during the 3 eclipses in June, an omen would take place pointing to where a storm or natural disaster would take place. Remember when that giant dust cloud came from Arabia? It hit Texas, rolled through the Central United States and left through the east coast. Jade said after the dust cloud hit, “that will be that path of disaster”. He also stated that the god Typhon would attempt to destroy but the god Prometheus would protect from almost all but one of his attacks (hurricanes). In the summer the major hurricane that hit rolled right through Texas, the central United States and left through the east coast, exactly the same path of the Godzilla dust cloud.

Jade originally said that the cataclysm would start to tamper out in June but revised his predictions and gave an absolute perfect map of the coronavirus spikes of 2020. He said sidereal mars in Pisces under the star Phorcus would predict the spikes in the United States. His prediction for the biggest spikes were:
3/14/20 – 4/13/20 1st spike
6/18/20 – 8/16/20 2nd spike
10/4/20 – 12/23/20 3rd and biggest spike.
These predictions are 100% accurate with science.

If that wasn’t enough, Jade Luna said on a Facebook post on August 1st 2020, that Mars was going into the star Dioscuri and the Sun going into the star Persephone on August 16th 2020 at the same time and would create record shattering heat and record breaking fires. I was blown away when the fires started by lightning storms on the very day of August 16th and Los Angeles a week later would shatter its record temperatures at 121 degrees.

In one year Jade Luna’s Asterian Astrology system predicted:
1. A massive cataclysm to take please between January of 2020 and April 2020. Either a Volcanic eruption, Pandemic or Asteroid hitting earth.
Humanitarian conflicts (protests) to start in June 2020.
2. A revised coronavirus map with perfect spike increases that is perfect so far.
3. A series of hurricanes that wouldn’t land yet the one that did would follow the path of the Godzilla sandstorm. That was 100%.
4. This article had to be written before the presidential election but he posted that omens from 9/21/20-10/16/20 would predict the winner and the omens (at that time 10/7) were favoring Biden 8 to 3.

I have been observing and writing about astrologers for years and I have never run into accuracy like that before.
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