Back To The Future – Nerdy Samples Meet Banging 808s On Joey Luxx’ Debut

Back To The Future – Nerdy Samples Meet Banging 808s On Joey Luxx’ Debut

The South Jersey artist drops a potent mix on his ‘Space Tape, Vol.1’. The rapper flows over old school samples and trap drums with an authentic delivery somewhere between drippy and humble.

First off, credit not only for the vocals but the whole production. This is as close as we’ve come to the concept of an album in a long time. The artist has a lot of space to tell his story, the pro-baller, who gave up the hoops for the booth, has room to show us his whole range of skills.

The young artist proves that he can offer the game something different in times of monotonous releases and a year of underwhelming come-ups.

Full of highlights, the album should be listened to full length. Whether it the previously released single track ‘Solar’ or the album closing ‘Delorean’ – we are hooked!

It’s hard to choose a favourite but we probably have to settle for ‘Center’ if we had to choose one.

Joey Luxx manages to level up multiple degrees on his debut album, showing a grown artist, that knows exactly how he sounds best, which melodies will stick and most of all where he is going. There is a relaxed humbleness in his voice and words, that is a bigger flex than any bragging or disrespectful line could deliver for him.

With a next-up stepping ahead with that type of confidence, we are pretty much promised to hear from him again in the near future.

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