Biography of Mohammad Saeid Moala, a famous Iranian musician and athlete

Biography of Mohammad Saeid Moala, a famous Iranian musician and athlete

Mohammad Saeid Moala had a great interest in music, singing, kickboxing and judo since he was young, and he attended various musical instrument classes and pursued music seriously from the age of 17. He was born in Ahvaz on March 10, 1970. He is a professional fitness coach who has more than 3,000 students. Most of his students are the stars of these days in Iran. Students who have been grateful to their coach many times during their success and owe their success to the coach’s compassion. .

This time, Mohammad Saeed wants to achieve great success in his music career and transfer his experiences to his students and musicians.

Mohammad Saeid Moala added the impact of music on learning as follows:

Music is useful and enjoyable for all ages and increases concentration and accuracy in tasks and activities. Also, listening to music helps to have a calm mind and positive mood. In addition, this type of music is also effective on learning; Music should be one’s favorite. For example, in some people, music without words is more effective.

Using music is one of the basic methods for teaching children in any field. Teaching music to children at an early age is such that children understand rhythm, learn notes, sing along and play simple and childish melodies with children’s instruments “such as xylophone, flute recorder and simple percussion instruments”.

Music has a great impact on deep and lasting learning and strengthens and mentally develops. Between two people with the same level of intelligence and IQ, the person who learned music has a higher learning speed. Because while playing and practicing music, the child uses his thinking power and practices through concentration and thinking.

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