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Birth into a West African Royal Dynasty, Princess Ayo Mary Laurent is a Dynamic Addition To The Fashion World

Birth into a West African Royal Dynasty, Princess Ayo Mary Laurent is a Dynamic Addition To The Fashion World

The Princess Ayo Mary Laurent is a West African Yoruba princess born into a Nigerian Royal Dynasty whose fashion brand  ‘Mary Laurent’ is a wave of fresh breeze in the world of fashion and is drawing attention to itself with its creativity, originality and distinctive liveliness. The dream of a London-based actress cum blogger, it is a fusion of royalty, elegance and luxury.

Young and talented royal Laurent is the grand daughter of the famous Nigerian military officer, General Samuel Femi Daramola. She graduated from the University of Greenwich in England, then completed her post-graduate degree from the London School of Journalism and soon entered the fashion industry as an entrepreneur and initiated her signature brand christened “Mary Laurent” in 2013 which since then has continued to wax stronger with its first flagship store ‘Mary Laurent Occassions’ now opened in Brentwood, England.

The Mary Laurent collection is a blend of sophisticated and culture-inspired hand crafted pieces including stunning and beautiful foot wear, women hand bags and briefcases for man. The label represents glamour and style in its all forms. The huge global following of Mary Laurent is a testimony to the success of the designer and the brand. Ayo Mary Laurent has already earned an unmatchable fame with its exclusive line of products feasible for casual outings as well as occassion wears.

The African Princess cum film director stated in an interview with Popular Mag “I was born into this, fabrics here and fabrics there and right in my head sitting in my mother’s shop, I can think of a million magical ways to transform and enliven a style. Something that particularly stands out from the rest of the crowd. It’s like Excellence for me – you are just the only one, nothing else is a match for it at that time, they haven’t seen that kind of a style anywhere or you have outrightly worn it better than the next person standing”.

“It is my family business and it  did a lot of forming and moulding my fashion creativity as well in the very good sense. As for my profession, I have an image, What sort of message am I sending across to the world with my dress sense” I think about that each time I look at a dress if they would be suitable for me to wear or not.”

The brand Mary Laurent holds the promise of surprising the fashion community positively in future and a lot can be expected to come out of it.

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