Catalyst presents ‘Waterproof Case’ for Google Pixel Buds

Catalyst presents ‘Waterproof Case’ for Google Pixel Buds

Presently, Catalyst is propelling a similar waterproof case for the second generation Google Pixel Buds.

The second-generation Google Pixel Buds have made a serious sprinkle in the realm of genuine wireless earbuds for Android, however on the off chance that your own arrangement of Pixel Buds at any point made a sprinkle — maybe in the pool — you’d be basically in a tight spot.

To help with that, Catalyst, a member in the authority “Made for Google” embellishment program, is releasing a waterproof case for the Google Pixel Buds.

The case is IP67 evaluated, which means it can deal with being up to 1 meter submerged, just as MIL-STD 810G appraised, to endure drops of up to 1.2 meters. While this adds a touch of mass to the Pixel Buds, you likewise increase a convenient carabiner to append them to something like your bag or belt loop.

Impetus’ waterproof case utilizes a sharp collapsing framework to shield the Pixel Buds from the components while making them sufficiently simple to at present expel or supplant your buds from the battery case.

Concerning charging the battery case itself, a fold on the base offers access to the USB-C port, while the Catalyst case is additionally still good with wireless charging.

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