CEO of JORDAN B. Beauty Brands: Instagram Star Jordan Brooks

CEO of JORDAN B. Beauty Brands: Instagram Star Jordan Brooks

Life is a difficult nut to crack sometimes, but when we already have it in us, there is no stopping. No matter how challenging a few months or years we go through, there will always remain opportunities to cease. With better days coming, one must never give up despite bad experiences and circumstances.

Truly living up to life, and making the best out of it is Jordan Brooks.

Jordan Brooks is an all-in-one mom, CEO of a beauty Brand (her own establishment), and a passionate Social Media Star. But before all the success, and 100,000 followers of fan following on her Instagram account, she too had to go through much. In July 2022, she lost the love of her life and the father of her child, JayDa Youngan. Life must have stopped for her, but she kept moving forward for the sake of her child. Never did she question God and her faith in him for everything happens as he wills. Jordan would always hold him in her heart, and miss him dearly while she continues to master life.

The tagline on the official page post of Jordan B. Beauty Brand is “Beauty Before Boys”. This sentence has more significance to it if we pay close attention to it. Brooks has always prioritized the importance of self-love, growth, and beauty before anything else. There is a social norm in present times where often women are subjected to extremely infuriating ideologies that they dress up and look pretty only to please men. She puts forward the importance of self

This is what sets Jordan Brooks apart from most other social media influencers that we see around us. They don’t usually use their platform for promoting what they firmly believe in. However, Brooks realizes the necessity of bringing about a positive change while promoting women and encouraging them to look their best.

She also actively contributes to them by making and marketing her beauty products. With the classic pink Barbie theme, her Instagram account for business and selling products is pleasing to look at. No wonder we love shopping for it! It’s currently under construction, as Jordan announced in September that they’re coming soon.

Are you excited about all the exciting products at Jordan B. Beauty Brand? You should try following it to remain informed as it gets launched. Follow @jordanbbeautybrand on Instagram, and Jordan Brooks @1realjordanb for insider and beauty insights.

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